Keep Your Clothes in Good Condition: The Advantages of Dry Cleaning in Dallas, TX

When you take advantage of a dry cleaning service, it’s not difficult to keep your wardrobe in prime condition. The colors will stay brighter, clothing items won’t lose their shape and, best of all, someone else is doing your laundry for you! Read on for more advantages of taking your clothes in for dry cleaning in Dallas, TX:

  • It’s a less abrasive process: As far as clothes cleaning goes, dry cleaning is way less abrasive on materials than machine washing. During the machine washing process, clothes are whipping wildly in the water, spinning hard to wring out moisture and being tossed around and baked in the dryer—not to mention harsh detergents wreaking havoc on clothes. In time, this can wear down materials and fibers. On the other hand, dry cleaning utilizes a solvent that goes easy on fabric and, in some cases, the environment.
  • It doesn’t use water: Cleaning your clothes in water may seem beneficial, but some items will not last long being washed in this manner. Regular water washing causes colors to fade and run, and causes materials to shrink or break down. The dry cleaning process preserves the integrity of clothing and other “dry clean only” items better than machine washing does. Dry cleaning also does not alter the size or appearance of garments.
  • It removes odors and stains: Washing machines will have a hard time removing certain types of odors from clothes, like cigarette smoke and mildew smells. The dry cleaning process is capable of handling such odors—even bad smells that have been lingering for some time. As for stains, anyone who’s ever tried removing stains from clothes will tell you that the marks never fully disappear. The good news is that dry cleaning can eliminate most types of stains.
  • Better care for specific fabrics: You never know how a certain fabric will respond in your home washer. For instance, clothing made of cotton is safe to go in the washer for the most part, while wool can be tricky. When in doubt, take fabrics you are uncertain of to the dry cleaner. They take the guesswork out of how to handle the fabric properly.
  • All steps are handled by the pros: There are more steps involved in doing the laundry than simply cleaning your garments. To have truly done your laundry, you have to iron, fold or hang your clothes after they are cleaned—unless you like wearing wrinkled clothes. Most professional dry cleaners will do these additional steps for you before pickup!
  • It cleans more than clothing: You can fit a good size load of laundry into your home washer and dryer, but what about other items that need cleaning? Large or oversized items like area rugs, couch slipcovers, drapes and comforters are best cleaned at your local dry cleaner.

If you are searching for an experienced and reliable company to take care of your dry cleaning in Dallas, TX, look no further than J’s Tailor & Cleaners. Let us know what we can do for you!