Suit Up [Ties Required]

There is something so luxurious about putting on a well tailored suit and coordinating tie. Whether preparing for a day at the office, church, or a black tie affair, men’s and women’s fashion is designed to not only bring confidence to the wearer, but almost make a statement. If you’re looking to step up your suit & tie game, we’ve put together 3 tips & pointers from our team here at J’s Tailor & Cleaners.

Learn how to tie several CRISP knots

We all know there are several ways to tie a tie — 177,147 ways supposedly! While we can probably agree that 177,140 are excessive, having a repertoire of 7-10 knots is a sure way to diversify your look and stimulate some great conversation starters. With dozens of youtube tutorials available at your fingertips, why not shake up your look the easiest and most affordable way?! Feeling super adventurous? Check out this tie knot generator for a month and see how many new styles you learn.

Buy staples & learn how to maximize them

You’ve probably heard the rule of thumb of having a 1 black suit, 1 blue suit, and 1 plain white shirt in your closet, but your “closet basics” extend even past those. “Staple” pieces are items that can be matched with dozens of looks, extending from head to toe. For example, do you have 2 pairs of dress shoes or heels to accompany both dark and light suits? What about a pair of gold and silver cufflinks and/or wristwatch to accentuate? Ladies, do you have solid purses to compliment your power suit? What about socks and ties with minimal design that look good when paired with more bold shirt and suit patterns? Remember, a closest stocked with basics makes for easier dressing and more classic styling.

Learn what fits & what doesn’t

As we age, our bodies change. We’re each guilty of holding onto pieces from college, knowing full and well they haven’t been worn in a year or are about 20 lbs shy of fitting. Do you and your closet a favor and let them go. When you wear clothes that fit and compliment your body shape, you exude confidence. Trust us, a well fit pant suit is cheaper than plastic surgery! Dress for your current size, not the size you wish or think you are, ask your tailor what jacket and pant shape best flatters your figure, and head to work looking and feeling like $1,000,000.

Here at J’s Tailor & Cleaners, we believe in the power of clothes and the expression they empower us to make. Whether we’re servicing your first suit or your 50th, know that you can never invest too much in your personal and professional development, wardrobe included. As we approach the holidays, we hope you suit up in style and make a statement these last few months of the year!