The Importance of Getting Professional Help with Preserving Wedding Dresses

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your entire life. Everything from your venue to the cupcakes that you serve will be engrained in your memory and well documented in photo albums for decades to come. Perhaps the most special and iconic aspect of a wedding ceremony is the dress that you wear. No matter where you purchased it or what it looks like, it’s a garment that you will want to treasure forever, and you might even want to pass it down to your own child. Unfortunately, over time, dresses that are left in storage can lose their luster and deteriorate. To avoid this, it’s important to take steps to have your dress professionally cared for and preserved.

Why preservation is necessary

There are many different unfortunate issues that can arise when wedding dresses in Dallas, TX are not properly cared for. One common issue is with dress yellowing. The yellowing of dresses can be caused by the plastic bags that many wedding dresses are kept in. Many plastics put off damaging fumes that cause white fabrics to turn yellow over time. Other issues with wedding dresses that are not properly preserved include permanent creasing, mold and mildew growth, oxidation and dust buildup. It’s almost impossible to avoid all of these issues entirely, but professional preservation can significantly improve the condition of your dress and minimize deterioration over the years.

Preserving your dress

Part of the preservation process involves keeping your dress clean. When dresses are stored for long periods of time, they can easily accumulate dust, so you should make sure to have the dress cleaned in order to prevent permanent stains and damage. Wedding gowns have to be professionally dry cleaned, but not every dry cleaner will be able to properly care for your dress in order to promote preservation. Find a local dry cleaner that has plenty of experience working with wedding gowns to ensure that they will be able to care for your dress properly.

You have a few different options when it comes to storing your wedding dress. Instead of a bag that can cause yellowing, many brides opt for a sealed box that limits oxidation and protects the dress from contaminants. Another common option is to store your dress upright in a cotton bag that can be hung in your closet. This option prevents permanent creasing and can also protect the dress from dust and light. The air circulation that cotton storage bags offer stabilizes the humidity level around the dress and prevents mold growth.

Care for wedding dresses in Dallas, TX

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